Assignments for January 24, 2018

Welcome to class! Although we reviewed the syllabus together in our first meeting, please be sure to review on your own and let me know if you have questions next week. Here are your assignments for Jan. 24.

Please remember to check this site each week for your assignments and come to class prepared.

• Review the course website to become familiar with the resources here, look at past students’ blogs and projects (located as a sidebar on the right of the main page).

• Read for class the handouts from Telling True Stories: “Stories Matter,” “Delving  “Reporting for Narrative” and “Interviewing: Accelerated Intimacy”

Read in Searchlight and Sunglasses, Chapter 1, “A New Age of Communication

Read: Nieman Lab’s story on Virginia Quartery’s Instagram Essays:

Read: VQR’s #VQRTrueStory:

Follow and review posts from @vqreview on Instagram for discussion

Follow @creativenonfiction on Instagram

Read and review Creative Nonfiction #TinyTruths story:

Sign up for Instagram account if you don’t have one already.

Your blogs have been added to the sidebar on the main page. You can review WordPress setup on the class presentations page. Continue working on setting up your blog—you may want to add a header or play around with themes. Remember that you can always go back to the main administrative panel by going to: https://your

Post-script: You don’t have to read Ander Monson’s “Essay as Hack,” but you might enjoy it.